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automatic continuous microwave drying & sterilization equipment

automatic continuous microwave drying & sterilization equipment
Product Detailed
1.High Efficieny 2.Saving Energy 3.Environment Protection 4.None Affecting Product Quality automatic continuous microwave drying & sterilization equipment

ADASEN Microwave products


Used for the drying and sterilization for the powder, granule, fiber sheet or gelatineous food, ingredient, condiment, Chinese herbal medicine pieces, nutritious health products], native produce, vegetable dehydration, bean powder, oatmeal, instant noodles, rice powder, chicken essence, tea, tobacco. cook and puffing for jerky, melon seeds, walnuts, potato chips, fish and shrimps chips. sterlization and retaining freshness for oral solution, leisure food, small package of meat,vegetable powder,pickled vegetable, spices,bean products. deororization and detoxication of the bean, rapeseed. drying of silkwarm cocoon. sterilization for fast food. drying, decompound, compound of chemicals. solidation of polyurethane. solidation and drying for honeycomb ceramics. drying for glass fibre, cotton yarn, construction material, cardboard, paper jam model and various kinds of paper board.

Used for the drying and sterilization Chinese medicine water-bindered pill, honeyed pill, water-honeyed pill, concentrated pill. Fully in compliance with the GMP requirements with the PLC auto-control..

Used for drying the food with higher requirement of the shape of powder, granule, starch kind, Chinese medicine pill, the uniformity drying and sterilization of Chinese herb medicine, chemicals, etc.. compact multilayers make it possible to cover less area, and the material can be turned two to many times as per requirements.


Microwave desinsection mold-free dryerMicrowave fruit pieces puffing dryerMicrowave fast box lunch freshness-keeping dryermicrowave dry and sterilization machine for condimentmicrowave dry and sterilization machine for preserved fruit and glazed fruitmicrowave sterilization machine for konjaku flourmicrowave sterilization machine for bagged foodmicrowave dry and sterilization machine for mushroom and edible fungusmicrowave dryer for yellow mealworm and maggotsmicrowave dry and sterilization machine for nutsmicrowave dryer with green-removing for honeysuckle and teamicrowave dry and sterilization machine for jerkymicrowave dry and sterilization machine for essence of meatmicrowave dry and sterilization machine for native producemicrowave dry and sterilization for breadcrumbs


microwave dryer for copper oxidemicrowave dryer for nickel hydroxidemicrowave dryer for silica gelmicrowave dryer for natural rubber mattress and pillowmicrowave dryer for chrome greenmicrowave dryer for manganese chloride

Paper products

microwave dryer for cardboardmicrowave dryer for paper tubemicrowave dryer for papermicrowave dryer for paper products


microwave dryer for textile productsmicrowave dryer for woodmicrowave dryer for bamboo productsmicrowave dry and sterilization for Chinese medicine decoction piecesmicrowave dry and sterilization machine for Chinese herbal medicinemicrowave dry and sterilization machine for Chinese medicine

Principle of microwave heating

Microwave means electromagnetic wave with the frequency between 300 MHZ and 300 GHZ,the water molecule of the material to be heated is polar molecule,under the effect of quick change of the high electromagnetic wave,resulting the motion and mutual friction of polar molecules,changing the microwave energy into heat energy,and increasing the temperature of the heated material and resulting in the whole process of heating and puffing,so as to reach the purpose of heating.

The features of microwave heating

homogeneous and quick heating

microwave has penetrability and changes with the frequency,the depth of penetration normally from several mm to tens of cm,both the outside and inside of the material can be heated at the same time,therefore avoiding the phenomenon of overheating of the outside while the inside uncooked.Microwave heating changes the heated object to be the heating object,no heat conduction will be necessary.It takes short time for the poor heat conductivity material to reach the heating temperature.The efficiency will be increased greatly by using the microwave,and also the productivity and the quality.

Power saving and high efficiency

Material containing water can easily absorb the microwave and be heated,thereby there is almost no loss except the loss during the transporation,therefore high heating effect with low power consumption.

Mold proofing,sterilization and freshness keeping

Microwave heating has both heat effect and biological effect,can sterilize and proof mold in lower temperature.Because of the quicking heating within short time,microwave heating can mostly save the activity,color and nutritious parts of the material.

4. Advanced technology with auto-control

The heating and the termination can be realized by the control of the powder of the microwave,there will be no thermal lag.It can be automatically controlled by PLC and human-machine interface.

5. Selectivity of heating

Microwave has different functions for material with different dielectric properties,this is beneficial to heating process,because water molecus absorb microwave the best.The part containing high water absorbs more microwave power than the one containing the less water,this is the selectivity of the microwave .while heating the products of wood,paper,this feature can be used to heat and dry homogeneously.Please pay attention that some material will absorb the microwave better at higher temperature,the positive feedback causes the temperature of this material to increase dramatically.It’s necessary to set reasonable heating process

6. Safety and harmless,the improvement of working environment

The microwave can be controlled in the heat conducting room made of metal and waveguide tubes,so there will almost be no leakage of microwave,no the harm of radition and the disposal of harmful gas,no waste heat and dust,thus greatly improving the working environment and intensity of labour.


automatic continuous microwave drying & sterilization equipment

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